Arakul Shihan or just Shihan. Perhaps one of the most picturesque sights of the Urals. Having been here many times, I can confidently say: these massive granite ridges among the Ural forest carpets decorated with pearls of lakes give an unforgettable experience every time, panoramas invariably amaze with their beauty and scale, and thoughts are cleared at least temporarily of the city’s worries by the swift 21st century.

   These rocks are ancient, they are much older than Man, and were chosen by him many thousands of years ago. Here are found ancient cave paintings and traces of the sites of people of different cultures and eras. And this is not surprising: if I were an ancient person, a resident of the surrounding lands, I would certainly not have passed by Shihan. I think it would be very convenient for me to settle here with my ancient family in between hunting, fishing, ancient farming and conduct religious rituals, for example. On the Internet, I came across a version of an alien participation in the history of the Arakul Shihan. If we consider it true, then the water area of ​​Lake Arakul itself and the sheikhs surrounding it could well be considered a cosmodrome for our guests from other planets. Outwardly, in general, one cannot refuse a very definite similarity.

   However, those remarkable times of Mankind are long gone, but to this day these places attract more and more tourists every day. Families with children, teenage and other organized groups, Russians and residents of other countries, hunters and fishers, photographers and artists come here. The trails here are trodden literally everywhere; labels marking directions are carefully left on the trees. We met here both bikers, climbers, healthy people (or rather, under-examined) and people with disabilities. And so on. Shihan with its stunning views leaves no one indifferent.

   By the way, on the way, near Vishnevogorsk, an attentive tourist comes across Svetlenkoye Lake - a balneological natural monument. Passing it for the first time, I did not pay attention to it, but during subsequent trips I definitely stopped for about ten minutes. I highly recommend this to a respected reader. Amazingly picturesque place.

Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region., Vishnevogorsk and stations of the village of Silach. The closest relatively large cities are Upper Ufaley and Kasli. Relatively nearby there is another attraction - Stone tents of Allaki Lake.

Coordinates: 55 ° 58′54 ″ s w. 60 ° 29′37 ″ c. d.

The route is accessible for cars of any cross-country ability on the main road, then, along the forest roads - on foot or using off-road vehicles. There are no age restrictions, special equipment is not required, standard safety measures must be followed.

Скальная гряда
Озеро Светленькое
По ту сторону Шихана
Камни Аракульского шихана
Первые массивы
Гранитные "пальцы"
Берег Аракуля
Причудливые узоры
Озеро Аракуль
Аракульский шихан
Один из "зубьев" шихана
Начало скальной гряды

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