Museum of a tractor factory.

   There is in Chelyabinsk a wonderful museum of the CTZ tractor factory, famous in the country and far beyond its borders for its products and glorious history. Together with its director (Nadezhda Artemyevna, an absolutely amazing storyteller), we walked through the exhibition halls.


   The presented exhibits reflect the history of the plant since its design by Albert Kan Incorporated, Detroit, USA, and the start of construction, when the modern Lenin Avenue in this place was still a dirt road among the fields spread out here. Attention is also paid to the life and life of the factory workers: utensils are collected, home-made metal chess (yes, ChTZ sports is not only the Tractor team), clothes, mock-ups of the first builders, award diplomas, etc. victory in the Second World War (except for the legendary T-34s at ChTZ, for example, heavy tanks KV-1, IS and others), the development of the vast expanses of the USSR, the development of the model range in peacetime.

   A curious detail - visiting the museum and tours are free, all costs are borne by the plant. A notable example of social responsibility. The museum is not open to the public every day, so it is better to call up and agree on the time with the guardians. Phone 775-44-67

Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Chelyabinsk, Lenin Ave., 19

The route is available for cars of any terrain, there is no age limit.

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