Ganya's pit

   This wild story happened 99 years ago.

   The family of the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, who had abdicated the throne, was shot in the basement of the requisitioned house of engineer Ipatiev in Yekaterinburg. According to the official version, it was assumed that there was a conspiracy to release him and re-ascend.

   There is a version based, in particular, on LD. Trotsky, who claims that the shooting was carried out with the secret approval of VI. Lenin and Ya.M. Sverdlov. However, the credibility of this is questioned. The decision was made by the local regional council. The family of the king and four other people were gathered in the basement of the house (on the street they prudently left a tumbling truck) and, quickly declaring the sentence, were shot. The men died immediately, but the women were less fortunate - the bullets ricocheted from the jewels sewn into their underwear. As a result, they were punished with bayonets.

   Then the corpses had to be hidden forever. It was decided to take them and dump them into the mine of an abandoned mine, which was called Ganina Yama among the locals. At first, the Bolshevik Government did not advertise the shooting, but after the results of the investigation conducted by the investigator for particularly important cases N.A. Sokolov at the direction of Admiral A.V. Kolchak, was forced to recognize him. In 2000, His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II visited the tract and proposed the establishment of a monastery here. In the same year, the royal family was glorified with the rank of the holy Royal Martyrs.

   Subsequently, it turned out that in fact, after the execution, the family was buried a little further. The fact is that the bodies in the mine either surfaced, or there was little water; In general, they could not hide. The corpses from the pit got and drove to bury further. However, on the way the truck got stuck and it was decided to bury them right here on the road. Two corpses, the Tsarevich and his sister, were burned, the rest were cut and filled with sulfuric acid, laid on top with sleepers. This was the last day of the imperial family, so a new era began.

   Actually, this fact was discovered back in the 70s of the XX century, but at that time the question was closed, and the investigation was impossible. Anyway, by the time of the end of numerous high-precision examinations, the monastic cloister at the Ganina gorge had already been built and is located here to this day.

   There is also a museum in which rather interesting exhibits are collected, the interior of the room of the Ipatiev House is reconstructed, numerous excursions are held. The monastery is visited by a huge number of pilgrims from different countries and just tourists interested in history. On the territory there is a good refectory. By the way, cash payment only, there are no terminals for bank cards.

Address: Russia, Yekaterinburg, Ganina Yama tract.

Coordinates: 56 ° 56′31 ″ with. sh. 60 ° 28′23 ″ c. d.

The route is available for cars of any terrain. Special equipment is not required.

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