Hydroelectric power station"Porogi". Part 1

   Part I. Dam.

   So we got to the legendary Porozhskaya HPP in the Chelyabinsk region. Built more than a hundred years ago, before the revolution, she, according to a local worker, remained in service until 2016. A very interesting and unique sight in the Urals.

   After the turn with the M5, the road is quite decent, not broken, except for the half-forest road after Berdyausha. By the way, after Romanovka the country road is in such a state, which is far from the majority of our city roads. In Romanovka the navigator became chaotically confused, both in direct and in the opposite direction. I do not know why this is so.

   Near the hydropower station is a fairly large hotel and next to the hostel. There are no many-story buildings, of course, so nothing disturbs harmony and peace. Forest, river, sun, clean air ... The perfect set for a pre-holiday spring day.

   Established Zen and balance is initially supplemented even by the dam itself: the complete calm, the banks of the reservoir with tourists settling here with smoking barbecues, the first green grass breaks through, birds calmly fly.

   And yet it's not just an idyllic bosom of nature, it's an industrial object, as iron lifting devices remind. To them, while there is no free access, we must not forget that this is still quite a dangerous place.

   But you can see something through binoculars or a photographic lens.

In places, even through such a massive masonry, water escapes, forming outgrowths like those we saw in the caves of Bashkiria.

   Here you can clearly hear not just the noise, but the roar of the overflowing streams of water. Going down the stairs, we come to the source of this noise.

I do not know how many cubic meters of water per unit time breaks through the dam, but definitely a lot, a lot.

   A powerful stream is cut by a dam, and, falling, explodes on stones.

To admire this fascinating action, there is an equipped observation deck. Actually, it's just a platform in front of the engine room, but it's also a lookout. But you always want to look closer; and we, squeezing between huge pipes and boards, descend even lower, directly to the stream.

Millions of drops of water spread out the sunlight falling on them in the spectral lines.

   Just to talk with each other does not work, we must shout, so we admire silently, sitting on the edge of the platform.
However, we got a stern Guardian of the engine room ...

…To be continued.

The object is located in the Satkinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region.

Coordinates 55 ° 16'55 "p. w. 59 ° 08'05 "in. e.

The route is designed for cars of any terrain. There are no age restrictions.

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