Nurali ridge

   The Nurali Ridge is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Here the river Miass originates and there is a "miraculous" life-giving spring. There are regular bus tours from Chelyabinsk (about 800-1300 rubles, if I'm not mistaken). We did not go by the traditional tourist route, but went around the ridge further, going from the other side.

   The ridge for the Urals is somewhat unusual, because not overgrown with wood, almost all "naked", is cut by canyons. In the forest at the foot of the mountain is incredibly quiet, there are traces of different animals (perhaps even predators), the air is clean. The panorama is mountainous, as if reflecting the turbulent years of the Ural's Youth in the Paleozoic era. In good weather visibility is tens, if not hundreds of kilometers.

   The road to the place is so-so, but the locals with. Yalchigulovo are friendly and good-natured.


   The nearest cafe in the neighboring village is nearby. Special equipment is not required. Ideal for beginners, interested in the sights of the Urals, family trips and outdoor recreation. If you think where to go on holiday, this is one of the most interesting options.

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Uchaly district, rep. Bashkortostan.

Coordinates 54 ° 47'00 "s. w. 59 ° 38'01 "in. d

The route to the village for cars of any terrain, then a little better on a car with high terrain or on foot. There are no age restrictions.

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