Is it possible to attribute the city of Karabash in the Chelyabinsk region to the sights? Perhaps you can. Yes, this is one of the most environmentally unfriendly places in the world, and certainly in the Urals, despite the measures taken against it. Yes, it is small and inconspicuous, there are many abandoned houses and broken, like front-line, roads. Like a symbol of sorrow, on top of a mountain, at the foot of which the city stretches, a huge iron cross is erected, to which numerous pilgrims and tourists constantly flock. On all-wheel drive cars, you can carefully drive up to the very cross, on a single-wheel drive, I would not risk it, it would be better to leave it at the site below and walk. If you get tired, there are benches along the way. It is possible from time to time along the way to linger in order to read quotes from the scriptures on the stones set here.

   Generally speaking, the surrounding landscapes are simply amazing! It’s as if you are on another planet where the colony of the first settlers is located. Dead earth and the smoke of the plant covering the sun's rays; lifeless mountains and the poisoned river Sak-Elga ... Fascinating view.

   Of course, in order to come here for a short time for tourist purposes, you do not need to wear a gas mask and chemical protection suit, but it is better to avoid a long multi-day stay. Local emissions from factory emissions periodically burn crops in vegetable gardens, develop specific diseases. But people continue to live here, this is their homeland.

   A stunning view opens from the bow of the cross: you turn your head to the right - the Martian colony, the land scorched by poisonous chemicals, the left - the green "taiga" and blue lakes! Incredible feeling.

   Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, city Karabash

   Coordinates: 55 ° 29′00 ″ with. sh. 60 ° 12′00 ″ c. d.

   The route is designed for cars of any cross, there are cafes, gas stations. Special equipment is not required.

   And in the future we will visit another "copper" Ural city - Uchaly. We will see how strikingly different these two cities are, giving the country such a useful metal.

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Гора Карабаш в дыму
Город Карабаш
Ядовитые в отходы Сак-Елге
Транспортная сеть Карабаша
Поклонный крест
Поклонный крест на горе
Сак-Елга. Отравленные берега реки
Мёртвая земля
Внеземной ландшафт
Зелёные просторы за перевалом
Медеплавильный завод

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