Cheremshan mine

   Another curious and beautiful sight of the Ural Mountains is the technogenic - Chermashan nickel-ore quarries in the vicinity of the northernmost city of the Chelyabinsk region V. Ufaley.

   Active development began in 1933 year. Gradually, if I understand correctly, nickel ores were worked out to the bottom of profitability and the careers went under the water, which, coloring, plays unusual shades in the rays of light. Yes, and the "Ufaleynickel", judging by the news tapes, is on conservation and subject to looting. Here and there along the way there are industrial "abandoned", and the locals seem to have switched to marble. Generally speaking, marble here is literally everywhere: in the front gardens of the private sector, thrown on the roads, and quite large cut plates of the correct geometric shape are thrown out (apparently, after the rejection). Well, where else can you see this - only in the Urals, probably :-):
In the city of Miass there is a monument to the car, there is one here. This is an old KrAZ, once faithfully serving people in the careers of Cheremshanka.

   As usual, politely asked the protection of the career permit to pass, promising at the same time to be extremely cautious and attentive. And indeed, caution is not superfluous here. Judging by the appearance of the "shore" of the quarry, landslides and rock falls occur periodically here. Moreover, the next collapse will happen already literally in the near future, and a very large soil mass will come down: on the way into the pit, impressive cracks have appeared, and in one place the massif has already sagged by a dozen and a half centimeters. Curiously, road signs have been installed inside the pit. Apparently, once here the movement was very lively. However, time goes on, and entropic processes inevitably erase traces of technogenic human intervention.

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Address: Verkhny Ufaley, towards Cheremshanka village



60 ° 18'23.04 "E (60,306400)


56 ° 7'32.16 "N (56,125600)

Accessibility of the route: for cars of any terrain

Presence of cafes and shops: near

It is possible to visit with children in compliance with the relevant safety requirements.

Заброшенный промышленный объект
Черемшанский никелеворудный карьер
Экскаватор в карьере
Техника на черемшанском карьере
Разлом в карьере
Черемшанский карьер
Никелевый карьер
Карьер Уфалей Никель
Памятник автомобилю
Карьерная техника

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