Korkinsky coal mine

   For a long time we did not go to industrial panoramas, and now we had a route to the Korkinsky coal mine. On the Internet, they write that it is huge, the second largest coal mine in the world, the first in Eurasia and all that. Judging by the news releases, from time to time, environmental concerns are caused to residents of settlements located tens of kilometers away, not to mention the city of Korkino and the village directly located here. The Rose.

   Meanwhile, the panorama is stunning. Dumps of an accompanying rock begin several kilometers more to the final destination and these are not just some small mounds, they are high, extended mountains. I initially assumed that a huge pit would appear to my eyes, but that it would be so colossal - no. It does not fit into a regular lens when shooting. It is difficult to imagine the size of a pit from a photograph; the eye does not find anchoring for scale; even working (no weekends, by the way) Belazes and excavators do not help; they are simply "lost" in the depths.

   Not far from the entrance there is an observation deck, which can be reached by rail. In fact, the passage is forbidden to her, but if you really want to ...))) By the way, the guards are very friendly people, even invited us for hot tea (which we modestly refused, because we ourselves had a full thermos) . From the site the view is not the best because of the wide ledges. A good view is very close, about twenty meters from the site. It is not even necessary to go down the ledges. Moreover, there is still no point in this, because visibility remains unchanged. Several years ago there was a major collapse in his career, it can be seen in one of the photos. Smoke is constantly rising from the depths of the quarry - coal smolders.

   Today it is the largest technogenic attraction of the Urals, seen by us.

Spring 2017.

Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Korkino

Coordinates: N 54º 54.717´; E 61º 26.744´

The route for cars of any terrain (more cautious in the spring - expensive with wet snow is not very comfortable), there are no age restrictions. Compliance with safety regulations at industrial facilities is required.

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