Kyshtym kaolin pit

   That's how you sometimes go somewhere, and around the whole forest and the forest. Intermittent - solid - roadside and rare road signs. And suddenly, in the midst of this monotony, something unusual, bright and intriguing arises.

   So this time we drove along the roads of Kyshtym and one of these Ural wonders arose before our eyes. However, to tell the truth, for us it was not absolutely sudden, since we were going here purposefully. But the first emotion was like childish joy.

   A couple of years ago, I saw a good familiar photo from the shores of some bright turquoise pond. Then I decided that I would definitely be here.

   I learned that this is a kaolin pit, where clay was previously mined for the production of refractories. Moreover, the clay is of very high quality, apparently, and in volumes that are decent for pre-revolutionary Russia. It is even rumored that this clay is good for the skin, but there is a city dump nearby ... Alas.

   And among the rainy or labor days of summer 2015, I had a free day. Weather forecasters of Gismeteo have promised that during the day it will be cloudy - it is clear - it will rain. Accordingly, closer to the period of "clear", taking with him meat and a brazier (who eventually returned home and were involved in the evening), a camera (well, why do people still go to this wonderful quarry), juice and light cheerfulness, we went to take a look on this little Ural miracle.
Having reached Kyshtym, I turn on the navigator (blessed is the one who invented the navigation systems). However, he, having led us almost to the destination, for some reason offered to roll into the forest. Perhaps I thought that we were going on foot ... Apparently, not only the navigators started us there, because the path has already been driven up to a certain point and ends with an impasse for a passenger car. Further only on the tank.

   Taking advantage of the moment, I decided to go through a bit and see the mushrooms in the area. They are there innumerable. Now I think why they are not collected by the locals? Perhaps, they "shine" (mushrooms "shine", not the inhabitants). I do not know. Anyway, the sea of ​​mushrooms all sorts of different. Come across very beautiful.
Getting out of the woods, we leave on the primer and continue to move in the right direction. Stones, dust, wood and grass and ... Here it is !!!!!

   Appears unexpectedly in the opened small window among the trees. A little distance away you can see the whole parking lot. Cars from various regions, judging by the numbers.

   There are a lot of people, however, this is not particularly noticeable during a walk. All somehow evenly dissolve the surroundings. To the right of the "parking" is a career quarter, which is such a very specific industrial landscape. Pretty pretty too. In any case, I adore such man-made species.

   Clay when drying takes the form of a desert-emaciated sun. The clay itself is so soft that traces of raindrops are clearly visible on it. Well, and still someone's footprints.

   As I said, a lot of people. Most go and sigh: "Oh, what a beauty!". Some are trying to smear clay feet, but absolutely everyone comes mainly for one thing - to make beautiful photos.

   After all, the place is really quite picturesque, despite its industrial origin.

   Pond MUST be bypassed from all sides. It will not take much time, but will be rewarded with astonishing aesthetic satisfaction. You can literally at a distance of ten meters to move and see this place in a fantastic perspective.

   These are the little magical places we have in the Urals. They are never forgotten.

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Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, city Kyshtym

Coordinates: N 55 ° 40.637 ′; E 60 ° 35.778 ′

The route is designed for cars of any cross. There is no age limit, special equipment is not required.

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