Turgoyak Lake

   Lake Turgoyak in Miass city by the Chelyabinsk region is one of the most beautiful places not only in the Urals, but, perhaps, on the whole planet. This circumstance was noted by UNESCO in its time. Transparency of water among Russian lakes is second only to Baikal. Sometimes Turgoyak is figuratively called the younger brother of Baikal.

   Apparently, the approximate age of the lake is about 15 million years. With the etymology of the name, scientists have not yet come to a single opinion, there are several versions that boil down to the Bashkir roots.

   Along the coast there are a lot of high-level hotels (Krutiki, FonGrad, Golden Beach), recreation centers (Pugachevka, Kristall, etc.), camping sites and just "wild" parking lots, several pioneer camps. Attendance of the lake is high all year round and in any weather. In the summer the beach recreation area is developed, numerous groups of tourists visit the lake, the historical object Vera Island is located in the water area - a site for prehistoric people and, later, the Old Believer shelter.

   The lake is located in the city of Miass, on the territory adjoining Turgoyak the settlement of the same name is located. Most of the approaches to the lake have an asphalted cover, on the western shore there are hard to reach places for off-road lovers, like the lake and fishermen. As I have already said, the tourist and beach infrastructure is developed, local shops and federal networks are within walking distance. On the lake, the use of sailing facilities is allowed, sailing regattas of regional and federal scales are regularly held.

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Location: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Miass, Turgoyak village

Coordinates: 55 ° 09 's. w. 60 ° 04 'in. e.

Route for cars of any terrain.

Шторм на Тургояке
Пляж на озере Тургояк
Ледяная вода Тургояка
На закате
Ночь над озером
Закат на Тургояке
Прекрасный Тургояк
Утки на Тургояке

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