Park "Deer Streams"

   So, finally we got into the natural park "Deer Streams".
From the starting point in Turgoyak to the finish in Bazhukovo, the navigator showed 263 km in 6 hours, we drove in 4.5. The road all the way is good, a little disappointed only in the vicinity of Nyazepetrovsk - it is gradually becoming unusable. But to go, in principle, it is possible. We drove back through Yekaterinburg, where the exit from the city — the M5 highway — was in a very pitiable condition. However, for us it is customary, so that was not unexpected.

   Better about the park itself.
Actually, in the village. Bazhukovo has extensive cleared parking, on which several rows of cars fit freely. And there is more than enough space for buses. Further, respectively, a barrier, registration point, several cafes, in which, as it turned out, an incredibly delicious kitchen and administrative building; everything is standard in general. We pass the registration, we get a detailed map with the routes and move forward to contemplate local attractions.

   The first place is a certain "beer garden" - "Biergarten".
This place was arranged by a German who fell in love with a Russian girl and came to Russia for her. Stayed here. In principle, it can be understood: beloved, fabulous nature and all that. What happened to the letters on the sign, frankly, I do not know. I only know that in the winter the institution does not work. (Upd: Later I managed to find out that the German moved the business to another place, somewhere in Bashkiria).

   In addition to the fact that we have already been given a map, all the routes are duplicated on passing stands, there are signs everywhere.

It is not possible to get lost, even if such a desire suddenly appears. Such a desire, however, is better not to appear, because, as the administration warns, in the dark time various predatory animals can go on the trails (apparently, you can frighten them). By the way, there really are a lot of traces of these little animals. In the future, along the route, they will meet us in especially large numbers near the thaw tale on the river.

Alas, I am not a tracker and I do not know to whom they belong. And it would be interesting.

   As you know, people like to leave inscriptions like "Here were Osia and Kisa" where it is completely inappropriate. Earlier we observed it almost everywhere on various tourist routes. The administration of “Deer Streams” has found a way to minimize this vandal influence by installing special stylized stands. They fit harmoniously, and the above mentioned tasks are successfully performed.

   Further along the route we come across the house of Baba Yaga. Mistress's stupa is parked near the house, there is no Baba herself. In winter, she is on vacation, in the summer from the window she sells various baubles, as I understand. Ominous snags stick up on the roof, so be careful, one of us almost set ourselves a bump when he resolutely moved to reach out to the fairytale grandmother.

   Behind this house, as usual, the fork in the road: "If you go to the left - you will come to the Drowned man, you will go straight - you will find an angel, etc."
We went to the angel. On the way you can feed the birds.

To be honest, I didn’t even expect how exciting, even fascinating it was. You can endlessly watch these little light shustriki.

   On the way, we came across some strange structure on a tree. It resembles a birdhouse, only for larger birds. Very big. This is a board for bees.

And here we go to the first viewing platform. Good solid platform with elevation.

   This is not to say that the view that opens is stunning to the loss of feelings; However, it is also impossible not to admit that the place is very nice. Even in the winter. I mean, in early spring in this case. As you can see, you can also feed the birds here. There are a lot of them everywhere.

   It is worth noting that all the sites and "paths" are made very securely and functionally. The wooden walkways on metal frames are even duplicated in places by chains fixed in stone.

   And by these paths we got to, perhaps, one of the central attractions of the park - the famous statue of the Angel of Uniform Hope.

The accompanying tablet tells us that it was made by Swedish disabled children according to the plan and with the support of the Swedish artist Lena Edval. It is assumed that the chain of such angels, placed around the globe, should form a ring of peace, harmony and love. So that there are no different terrorists and other dark forces.

   The love and friendship of peoples generally accompany this place somehow, and this is good news. Of course, I understand that politics there and everything, but for the most part people can live together in harmony, work together, love together. On the way, we came across evidence of such friendship among representatives of several nations: Russians, Germans, Swedes, Americans. And it can not but admire.

   And of course, how could we pass by the cave that we found on the way. No, of course! How many we have already visited and how many we still have to go! This turned out to be quite small, two small rooms. But still, it's a cave !!!)))

   The exit sign states that this is an ancient man’s cave, that the layers were already raised for 14 thousand years, hundreds of bones and fragments of arrows were found. The cave is very clean and well maintained. True, sometimes there is a rock painting of a modern wild man). Pretty funny. It is good that the one who painted made it a simple washable coal.

Five hours passed, we returned back past the tree-chandelier and cheerful birds, which again sit in the hands.

A couple of notes:
1. If you take a step away from the path, you can suddenly fall into a snowdrift almost to the waist to an adult.
2. A diesel locomotive sometimes walks around the village. Be careful near the railway!

Address: Russia, Sverdlovsk region, near the city of Nizhnye Sergi

Coordinates: 56 ° 31 ′ s. sh. 59 ° 15 ′ in. d.

The route is available for cars of any terrain, there is no age limit, special equipment is not required.

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