Stone tents of the lake are

Big Allaki.

   Perhaps, one of the most shaman places among the sights of the Urals is the stone tents of Lake Bolshie Allaki in the Chelyabinsk region.

   A few thousand years (about seven) ago they were chosen by a certain people who lived at that time in our region. People sacrificed in this sanctuary, hunted for wild animals, painted on the stone remains of "dancing men" and some symbols that were still unsolved by modern scientists, made arrows, roasted meat. In general, engaged in the usual daily affairs of an ancient man. On weekends, probably bathed in the wonderful warm and clean lake of Allaki. Carefully assume that around the sanctuary in those days were wooden pagan idols, but their time, of course, did not regret, leaving no trace.

   I really liked the special texture of the panorama: a plain with a suddenly emerging stone massif, several small cozy beaches by the lake nearby, many birds, a flowering briar, very beautiful. This attracts a lot of both ordinary tourists and professional photographers, arranging their own photosets here. While we were resting here, they kept changing even on a Sunday evening. Probably, they were attracted at that moment by good weather conditions: a plain and a sanctuary in the rays of the Sun against a background of dark leaden thunderclouds. Beautifully, further enhances the sense of the presence of some kind of shamanism.

Ural sight The sanctuary of Allaki is located in the Kasli district of the Chelyabinsk region near the village of Red Partisan. Coordinates 55 ° 58'30 "s. w. 60 ° 54'30 "in. e.

Route for cars of any terrain. Special equipment is not required, there are no age limits.

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