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   I would especially like to note that I personally really like some kind of gothic atmosphere of these places. Majestic dense forests, colossal Ural mountains, formed during the days of the ancient Paleozoic. Some special mystery and sacredness lies in all this magnificence. How much does Homo Sapiens live on Earth? Just a little bit, some tens of thousands of years. What is it in comparison with hundreds of millions of years of history of our mountains! Half a billion years, just think; Earth itself is not that much older.
So, we went to a path already familiar to many ...

   I admit, I've never been here before. The first thing that struck me was fallen trees, their number. The bizarre weave of massive roots causes subconscious awe and reverence. Once it was very small shoots and sprouts, but the time is inexorable, and now they are defeated, attracting the attention of tourists.

   All the way, we were accompanied by the serene aerial murmur of mountain streams. Mostly they flow directly under the boardwalk. It is very cool to walk, having broken away from the bustle of the city, accompanied by merry streams running away. You can go down and sit a little next to them, listen to their children's stories about what happened to them yesterday, what they saw on their way.

   I liked that along the way, every now and then came across a variety of flowers, a lot of flowers. I am not a nerd or even a Michurinian and I cannot know their names. Yes, I do not need it. It is enough that they decorated themselves with this, I must say, rather gloomy raw forest. They spread out in a wide palette both in the most often and in the glades that appear from time to time as you move to the top of the ridge.

   As I said above, the forest is very moist, wet. In combination with warm air, this allows you to develop the most different forms of life. It is quite common when colonies of mycelium begin to settle on stones in such conditions. But that's interesting: even they have some charm here, shimmering with different colors of the spectrum. As far as I understand, they also perform a kind of antibiotic role. Anyway, if I remember correctly, the mold contains penicillin. These small islands of life, originating on cold stones, are in some sense no less of interest than the mighty age-old trees standing next to them, carefully covering the inner world of the forest with their branches.

   On the way, there were still many interesting objects such as gazebos, bird feeders, a tree in the form of a tent, etc .. Kio was here, he knows who was not, he will see. Meanwhile, behind the conversations we slowly approached the main ascent, as witnessed by the attached tablet with optimistic assurance that we were almost here and there were only a few steps left.

On the way back, this inscription, meeting us again, will seem rather comical, considering that just the most difficult part of it remained. However, one way or another, we practically reached ... The first visual signs appeared that we were approaching directly to the rock. As far as I remember, during the ascent to Zyuratkul, four climatic zones change. This is probably just one of the boundaries of the change of two of the four zones.

   Excitement lights up in the eyes, and light waves of delight run through the body: here it is !!! Then I just do not want to stop. Fatigue, if it was, in an instant, is removed by the caring hand of the Giant Zyuratkul. But what I saw next, I was literally stunned: quite unexpectedly, a massive stone river rushed from the forest right under our feet. Awesome feeling. For some reason here it is called kurumnik. Apparently, this word is somehow translated from the language of local peoples. It may even be translated directly - a stone river, I don’t know, I don’t know. When such magnificence suddenly opens before your eyes, you don’t think about the linguistic subtleties, but simply surrender to the surging emotions.

   Separately, I want to note that the most comfortable shoes for moving on these stones are shoes. Ankle boots or boots for working clothes. They can move in almost the same way as in the city avenue, it only remains to balance slightly, finding a balance point, which in itself is also not difficult. The stones are marked with paint, it is difficult to get lost, but a little bit is still possible, as we found out later))) Behind there were streams of krumniki that look no less stunning from above.

   We got !!! Here I made for myself a new fantastic discovery - Silence! There was no wind, tourists, which, fortunately, were not so many, almost silently climbed over the stones, occasionally exchanging a couple of enthusiastic phrases. And here she is - SILENCE !!! Almost zero decibels, probably. It was only audible how two free birds, guardians of this magnificence, were circling above us, spreading their wings wide.

   Being at the top of a mountain, at an altitude of 1175 meters above sea level, is a pleasure, unparalleled! We wandered around the spreading plateau, looked, everything possible, climbed everywhere, where possible, and even went to the opposite side. On the way, an empty beer bottle caught my eye. Probably, someone realized his dream - to drink beer on one of the highest mountains of the Chelyabinsk region. Further, in the stones lay a cardboard can of "Doshirak" ... I'm afraid to even imagine what a dream a person had who left it here))) And on one of the remnants, at the very top someone proudly put the flag of Russia.

   We did not litter, but instead laid down our small mound of stones. I tried to lay them as safely as possible, so that after hundreds of thousands of years the descendants would find him and think that this was some kind of sacral place for an ancient person. It's nice)))

   Meanwhile, dark storm clouds began to gather over the lake of the same name. Every now and then heavy thunder rumbled through the sky, repeatedly reflecting from the stone walls of the majestic mountains.
Zyuratkul, in a thunderstorm, of course, you are also great, but still it is better to hurry back, so as not to increase the chances of breaking your neck on wet stones.

   Having descended, we still managed to enjoy the view of the meadow flooded with bright sunlight against the background of harsh heavy clouds contrasting with him, of which the thunderbird Perun was tired of lightning.

Suddenly, everything around was filled with water and small round ice. It seemed that torrential rain and hail, whipped under the pressure of a rapidly rising wind, filled the entire space from sky to earth. Hiding from these streams was just pointless. To some extent, the rainbows that we captured prudently became salvation.

   It became very dark. And here a certain gothicity of this place was especially clearly drawn. There was a perfect feeling of the Middle Ages. Friendly before the sunny forest immediately took a dark and, I would even say, a little infernal essence. And this boardwalk ... It seemed that a horseman was about to leave, heading for a castle of gray marble, located nearby, where flames, licking wood were waiting in the fireplace, a fragrant pig rotated on a spit the wine. Stop! What is it? Through the stream into the thicket of the forest, a shadow in a long cloak with a cap flashed gracefully. And, of course, these are young witches gathered at their Sabbath. They call upon their master, the Horned King, to come and take them into their possession. Led by demons of lust, they gently sway and accompanied by rain and thunder in the atomosphere, illuminated by the light of lightning, say in a singsong: "Master, we are here, we are waiting for you ..." announce the cry of the newborn heir to the Great Throne of the Dark King.

However, the rain ended, and we should go home))) See you, Zyuratkul! We will be back.

Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Satkinsky district

Coordinates: 54 ° 55′00 ″ with. sh. 59 ° 12′00 ″ c. d.

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The route is designed for cars of any terrain and any age. Special equipment is optional.

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